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Recycling is processing used Materials Or Waste  into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce energy usage, reduce air pollution from incineration and water pollution from land filling by reducing the need for "conventional" waste disposal, and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to virgin production. Recycling is a key component of modern waste reduction and is the third component of the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

As you can clearly make out on the Three Arrows to your Right, the clearly defined way to show excellent usage of Recycling. It gives you from the bottom components of Grass, Earth and the land environment and then shifts the arrow to the left. Giving us our Water and Ocean feature of our Earth that gives us our water, Nutrients and creates even the slightest change to our Ecosystem. After that you have the arrow pointing up towards the sky, being a prime example of the earth pollutes and the water gets the brunt we have storms that cause weather and the air to act upon us. Thus why its arrow points down and chains to the earth and thus we repeat the Cycle of it all. it is a never ending chain a way of life that we all need to understand that if we don't take up Recycling we will be forced to do without.


Recycling saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling a single aluminum can save enough energy to power a TV for three hours. Recycling a stack of newspapers three feet high saves one tree. Making glass from recycled materials cuts related water pollution by 50% and several more to add to the list of being good to reduce, reuse and recycle Along with several other key points to recycling, it helps lower costs because materials are made from recycled products instead of new minerals Recycling avoids the cost of moving garbage barges and incineration, As well as help the earth because we are using old materials rather than depleting the Earth stock.


Recycling on our earth has had plenty of impact on its own. Even the smallest big of help that has been given from all the smart thinking we use in our day to day lives to protect and shield the earth. We cant all be perfect and do it on a day to day basis and have to face it that we are bound on some things that we use day to day life to keep our own life styles satisfied. You do not have to be afraid of long term effects or anything drastic if you do not recycle a bit. Recycling is a way for the earth to refresh its self the process of it allowed for us to just tap into the resource and keep using it a bit till it wares out. Its just the same as when you fuel your body with water to recycle your energy and keep going. But primarily if we had no recycling what so ever.. We would be doomed, and the effects drastic. More so that our earth wouldn't be refurbished like a computer or restored in its natural process and we would suffer greatly. So Recycling is just a small bit and task that everyone can take apart of, and no one should have to feel they have to take the worlds weight on their shoulders, Spread it out and share it.. We have Billions of People on this planet. The One stop, Nonstop location to Check up on Recycling and its day to day features of what it can do for our earth. Our manageable, Navigational Website is here to ensure your viewing to find all that you may need for a successful way to learn and understand about recycling. If its not a matter of Conservation its just a matter of Preserving through recycling. What a smart choice in decision would be to do is to skim, If not take full advice into this Website and look through each page, Understand it with full clear thought to know what could happen, what will happen or just what may happen if we do not take the initiative and take action against this plague in our world we call Pollution.


No matter how good Recycling can do for our earth, it does cost money for transportation and the processing cost. its unfortunate really, we try to help the earth back in return it costs money. That big rooted tree planted long ago that spread out with millions of branches that became our government, It doomed us from the start. The loop holes and twists and turns that everything revolves around money.


As well as the fact it uses money to power the machinery needed to Recycle the Materials, as well as using Energy that can pollute the earth because of the fumes produced by incineration and machinery to recycle some materias

.The Earth is constantly changing, the earth is constantly moving! we as our generation and several before us and after us have to understand we need to keep moving with the times. Keep our bodies in motions and our thoughts precise to the new effects that may arise in our day to day life that is caused with the three arrows of Recycling. The earth if you look at it is a never ending changing world, its our mother earth but don't take that into such consideration that you'd worship it. That is not the point, more so that you need to protect and not just YOU alone, we all as individuals need to chip in and work together to unite the forces of earth to keep our world alive and moving in its never ending motion. We don't have to give up day to day things, not even to cut back but to be SMART! about the choices we make and how we accomplish day to day tasks. Because even knowing to what i do in life i don't want to give something's up and we don't have to, its just a matter of being cautious with what we take apart of it.